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Duck hunting and chemicals....Let's dig to the root of the problem!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Growing up in Louisiana duck hunting is just a way of life. For generations families and friends have been getting together for hunting trips to tell stories, shoot birds, kick a few cold ones back and take it all in for a good time. This is what hunting is all about. The part that gets messy is what we are doing before the duck season starts that has most of us with a conscience wondering what and the heck are we doing. Spraying chemicals every year in our waterways to try to control the aquatic vegetation growing in our ponds is our easy button choice. It's a deadly choice but it's all we know. Duck hunters are paying hundreds of thousands every year to spray chemicals with extremely high levels of toxic poisons. The application of choice are helicopters, air boats and planes. Chemical spraying affects the entire ecosystem. Meaning all wildlife including ourselves. Vegetation sprayed eventually sinks to the bottom and becomes a biomass of muck creating a toxic unhealthy ecosystem. The combination of the toxic muck and the chemicals themselves are deadly.

So, if we could remove the vegetation without chemicals efficiently meaning in similar cost to the chemical spraying just without the boat load of side effects, would we as duck hunters consider it? I think the answer is without a doubt, YES! Let me introduce you to a company called Weed-Out. Weed-Out has Environmental friendly work boats that are packed with technology to remove floating vegetation, submerged vegetation and even the root systems that the chemicals can't touch. Weed-Out can remove over a 1 acer per day of thick vegetation. For a better healthier ecosystem and hunting season check out Weed-Out. We will get down to the root of the problem and fix it! Always Free Estimates and proud to be a chemical free company.

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